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Allbaugh properties does its best to make all of our rentals pet friendly. We love our animals and do not want to take that away from any of our tenants. To protect our properties, all tenants and ensure that pets are always welcome on our properties the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • Allowed animals: cats, dogs, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and small reptiles.


  • Animal limits: Each unit is allowed 2 pets. Additional pets will be considered with pre-approval but will be dependent on the type of animal, size of unit, etc. 


  • Tenants’ pets only: While your visitors are welcome to bring their pets along additional pets are not allowed on the property for boarding or “doggy daycare” type services.


  • Care and guidelines: All dogs and cats should have on identification in case they should get loose from the property. You will need to have proof of current vaccinations including rabies. Dogs must have a current license from the village. 


  • Responsibilities: Your pets should be on a leash whenever they are outside of your apartment. Do not leave pets outdoors unsupervised for long periods of time. All animal messes should be cleaned up immediately so all tenants can enjoy the property. All pets should be kept in appropriate containment areas.

  • At this time there are no additional fees or deposits to have animals in our units. Please help us to keep that policy in place for future tenants. 

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